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We want to help you make some major differences in your life in two areas that are starving for attention. Those two areas are personal finance and health. We will journey with you through these two walks of life, lifting you up, pushing you to be the best version of you, and helping you believe in your abilities gifted to you by Yah. As a bonus, on occasion, we’ll also talk about Family and Faith! To learn more go to under1love.org

Look Out! Emergency!

Saving for emergencies is a key step to take if you intend on having a smooth financial walk. Emergency sayings can keep you from a lot of financial hardship! Learn what order this step falls in and find out why it’s so important.

Budgeting: How To

No two budgets are exactly the same, they differ from month to month. Have you budgeted a time or two but aren’t doing it regularly? Are you waiting to start budgeting or a little bit foggy on how to properly do it? If so, tune in and get some clarity!

You can excel in your health! Cover the basics and clear the mental blocks first.

A budget... (Queue the horror music) This is one of the most dreaded words and processes in the financial realm. Because of that, almost no one does it but it’s not even that difficult. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what a budget actually is and what it looks like. We hope you catch a bug after listening to this and make a budget so you can start winning with the money you work hard for, right away.

Let’s talk about the importance of life insurance, the types of life insurance, the differences and most of the things you need to know about it!

In this episode we cover one of the most important elements to estate planning, the simple will. We go over some of the basics on executing a will and what the impacts of doing so can be, as well as the impacts of not doing so.

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